[PRESS RELEASE] Call to Action on Environmental Rights in ASEAN

April 26, 2024

Today, civil society groups in ASEAN call for action and engagement on environmental rights. The ASEAN Environmental Rights Working Group (AER Working Group) has released a draft declaration on environmental rights for stakeholder consultation until the end of April. Submissions from the public can be made via Environmental Rights or through UNESCAP.

Call to action on the draft ASEAN declaration on environmental rights

“We are all now faced with urgent and significant environmental degradation and destruction. Thus, there needs to be a strong push from both government and civil society to ensure that we are all adequately responding to these environmental impacts.

We are here to invite everyone to contribute and join us in building a stronger voice in Southeast Asia to make a document that can actually promote environmental rights and incorporate the narratives between human rights and environmental rights.

We also call for action to strengthen the draft declaration to protect and preserve the planet, to ensure that those in vulnerable situations are protected and environmental and human rights defenders are recognized by ASEAN as vital to the protection of our region and our people.

The voices of children and youth across ASEAN have called for action on the triple planetary crisis of climate change, biodiversity loss and pollution, including plastic, transboundary haze and air pollution. Making a submission to the stakeholder engagement process on the draft declaration on environmental rights will ensure those voices are heard.”

The ASEAN Youth Forum will ensure that all submissions and comments are tabled before the AER WG at the next meeting in May in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Read the full press release below:

Co-signed by:

ASEAN Youth Forum

Asia Pacific Network of Environment Defenders

Asian Research Institute for Environmental Law

Indonesian Center for Environmental Law