Big win for Malaysian Land Defenders!

May 17, 2023

Last week, May 11, 2023, we received information from our allies in Malaysia about the results of CSO complaints against Samling Timber Malaysia, one of the biggest logging companies in Malaysia, filed in October of last year. 

In the press release our network received, the Forest Stewardship Council has accepted the complaint and will launch a formal investigation surrounding the activities and violations of the company, citing sufficient evidence as its basis for their decision. 

Samling Timber Malaysia’s violations include the following: 

1. Alleged illegal logging; 

2. Violations of traditional and human rights;

3. Destruction of high conservation value forests and; 

4. Significant conversion of forests as grounds for dissociation.

We congratulate the following organizations for leading the complaint filing and resisting the plunder of our natural resources on behalf of impacted communties! 

Gerenai Community Rights Action Committee (GCRAC)

Bruno Manser Fonds 

The Borneo Project


SAVE Rivers

Read the full press release here: Joint Press Release, c/o of The Borneo Project