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September 13, 2021

Pull out foreign corporations oil, gas, mineral investments and the Burmese military! Support, Sign & Share #DivestTatmadaw @ In the aftermath of the unlawful military coup in Burma in February 2021, the Tatmadaw military regime killed, imprisoned, and displaced thousands of people to cling to power. As the military regime continues to brutalize and terrorize protesters, […]

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APNED joins Asia Solidarity Lab

September 11, 2021

Our network, Asia Pacific Network of Environment Defenders along with Asia Climate Rally, Greenpeace, #BreakFreeFromPlastic, International Women’s Rights Action Watch Asia Pacific, and People’s Vaccine Alliance Asia connect as co-hosts with different session partners for The Asia Solidarity Lab project led by APNED Panelists and Participants joins Asia Solidarity Lab (ASL) Sow Hope, Reap Solidarity activity […]

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The Launching of Pacific Education and Advocacy Festival

September 3, 2021

On August 31, 6:00 PM, Fiji, the Pacific Education and Advocacy Festival webinar was launched and organized by Pacific Council of Churches (PCC), Pasefika Fono, Fiji Council Of Social Services (FCOSS), Dewan Adat Papua (Papuan Customary Council), Rize of the Morning Star, Merdeka West Papua Support Network, Asia Pacific Research Network (APRN), Int’l Indigenous Peoples Movement […]

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Administrative change or an attack on Lakshadweep’s culture and biodiversity?

July 1, 2021

Submitted by APNED member, Renuka Kad of Vikas Adhyayan Kendra; Feature Image CTTO The #Save Lakshadweep campaign has been gaining momentum on social media for the past few days. The reason behind this is the dissatisfaction among the local people about the policy decision of Praful Patel, the administrator appointed by the central government in […]

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June 9, 2021

“West Papua since its controversial integration (1) into the Indonesian republic in 1963 has experienced a decrease in its Melanesian population, destruction of their cultures, displacement of people as refugees and internally displaced peoples (2) (IDPs), language extinction, environmental destruction, resource exploitation and other human rights abuses under heavy military occupation over the last 57 […]

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Protect Our Forests, Protect Our Future: Save Buxwaha

May 20, 2021

Protect Our Forests, Protect Our Future: Save Buxwaha Submitted by APNED member, Renuka Kad of Vikas Adhyayan Kendra During the second week of March, I stayed at Panna in Madhya Pradesh for a few days. The summer of March had just begun, but it was not so intense. Since it was a part of the […]

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APNED on OceanaGold Renewal: Death Sentence to the Philippine Environment

May 12, 2021

Didipio’s fertile soil and rich biodiversity are more than enough to sustain its residents but OGPI’s operation has proven nothing but depleted and plunder such wealth of resources. Worse, dissenting voices are attacked. Thus, APNED extends its militant solidarity to the Didipio community and the larger community of Filipino Environmental Defenders.

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SIGN-ON: Recognition of Rights NOT Repression of Rights

May 6, 2021

 “Recognition of Rights NOT Repression of Rights”  A Collective Indignation Over Unjust Court Ruling Against Environmental Defenders from Mother Nature Cambodia  Cambodia is one of the most biologically diverse countries in Southeast Asia, but the government’s drive to enhance its so-called national economic development comes at the price of destroying its precious natural resources. Such […]

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May 5, 2021

In the midst of a global environmental crisis of unprecedented severity, the world urgently needs more people to stand up and fight for the protection and restoration of the air, water, soil, biodiversity and climate that we all depend on. In short, we need more defenders of the right to a healthy environment, Indigenous rights, the rights of the child and other human rights.

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April 30, 2021

Regional Solidarity Campaign Network Asia Pacific Network of Environmental Defenders (APNED), together with Kalikasan People’s Network for the Environment (KPNE), Youth Advocates for Climate Action Philippines (YACAP), and Just Associates – Southeast Asia (JASS-SEA), organized a workshop entitled “Defend Our Rights: A Workshop for Environmental Defenders” on April 5,7, and 9, 2021 via Zoom.

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