September 13, 2021

Pull out foreign corporations oil, gas, mineral investments and the Burmese military!

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In the aftermath of the unlawful military coup in Burma in February 2021, the Tatmadaw military regime killed, imprisoned, and displaced thousands of people to cling to power.

As the military regime continues to brutalize and terrorize protesters, international oil companies, which are the largest source of revenue to the government, continue to fuel their operations. Revenues from oil and gas, as well as mining projects, make up 35% of Burma’s official export revenues. It has used revenue from extractives to buy weapons to kill its own people — including fighter jets mostly from China and Russia.

The 100% state-owned Myanmar Oil and Gas Enterprise (MOGE) is the only company authorized to partner with foreign companies for oil and gas operations in Burma. MOGE, the country’s biggest money-maker, is responsible for signing contracts worth billions of dollars in gas production revenue.

We are writing to you because we need you to take action with us. We believe that it is wrong for corporations to profit from the oppression of people and natural resources.

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Governments must hold accountable the energy and extractive industries operating in Myanmar for yielding financial dividends at the expense of human rights and civil liberties.

Our collective act of international solidarity is crucial to cut the flow of money that finances the military junta in Myanmar.

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