June 9, 2021

“West Papua since its controversial integration (1) into the Indonesian republic in 1963 has experienced a decrease in its Melanesian population, destruction of their cultures, displacement of people as refugees and internally displaced peoples (2) (IDPs), language extinction, environmental destruction, resource exploitation and other human rights abuses under heavy military occupation over the last 57 years. ”

– Solidarity for Indigenous Papuan (SIP). West Papuans in the era of Environmental Justice and Climate Crisis as people of African descent.

Victor Yeimo is a West Papuan activist that stand and struggle for their land and people. He lead the West Papua National Committee fighting for self-determination and spokesperson of the Papuan People’s Petition, a network of 112 mostly Indigenous groups fighting against the extension of Special Autonomy status in West Papua.

Despite the peaceful assembly and expressing of grievances, the Indonesia authorities escalate crackdown and vague offenses of treason filed against activists. Victor is under solitary confinement with the Indonesia authorities which has restricted contacts to his family and lawyer. He is now in need for medical attention due to his worsening condition that requires regular treatment.

We are calling a support for the release of Victor Yeimo, a human rights activist from West Papua!