We decry the ruling military junta in Myanmar!

February 3, 2023

Creator: Getty Images | Credit: Getty Images Copyright: 2021 Getty Image

We, The Asia Pacific Network of Environment Defenders (APNED), vehemently denounce the current military junta who initiated an illegal and illegitimate coup of a democratically-elected government two years ago. 

State forces have put the country and its people in a dire humanitarian and economic crisis. Thousands have been killed, hundreds of thousands have been displaced, and crucial infrastructures and buildings, such as schools and homes, have been destroyed, leaving millions in a precarious situation of starvation and lacking access to necessities and services. 

The resource-laden environment of Myanmar is not spared from the junta. They have continuously extracted natural resources to fund illegal operations and violent crackdowns on civilians and protestors. Also, the country’s security risk and hostility have increased. Consequently, it forced various international funding organizations and donors to stop funding crucial environmental programs in the country and pushed local environmental organizations to stop their operations. 

Our network urges everyone to support the people in Myanmar by calling for accountability, justice and de-legitimizing the junta. Our collective solidarity is crucial to strengthen the ongoing campaign to dethrone the unjust and inhumane rule! 

Read the calls to the international community from the United Nations: Deny the legitimacy of Myanmar’s military junta.”